Kirby Lester

Kirby Lester

CLIENT: Kirby Lester
PRODUCT: Pharmacy automation
PRIMARY TARGET: External – Independent pharmacy owners 



Kirby Lester had a 30+ year legacy within the pharmacy automation market. It established the category itself and had an enduring, high level of accuracy (critically important within the pharmacy automation category). But as more sophisticated technologies entered the market, Kirby Lester became old news and sales slumped.


A venture capitalist firm bought Kirby Lester and set incredibly high sales goals for the company. How would Kirby Lester “reintroduce” themselves to an increasingly competitive marketplace and successfully meet the challenge?



A complete rebrand that would not go head-to-head against the newfangled competition. Instead, Kirby Lester would play to its sweet spot. Well, actually, three sweet spots: accuracy plus simplicity plus affordability.

Unlike their flashier counterparts, Kirby Lester devices didn’t require a large capital investment, a build-out or extensive staff training. That meant much simpler implementation. In turn, this would help independent pharmacy owners stay competitive with chain pharmacies, which have access to far more resources.

As such, RBK’s strategy was to leverage the turnkey nature of Kirby Lester automation products through a fresh, creative approach for the brand: consumer-style ads. They championed the fact that Kirby Lester remained not only the most accurate counter on the market, but also the most accessible.


  • Positioning
  • Messaging platforms
  • Branding/Identity
  • Website
  • Print ads
  • Direct mail
  • Sales brochure
  • Trade show
  • Media strategy 



Kirby Lester met its sales goals: Sales grew by over 100% within the first year of the rebrand. Within the second year: an additional 50%.